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About Us

At Oakpics we are all about capturing the emotions within the moment, creating the best shots to showcase your product, service and special occasion.

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This passionate photographer has combined his love for nature and photography in a clever way by specifically focusing on mountain bike photography.

His photos have been published in many local magazines and newspapers, on billboards and on websites, and have received overwhelmingly positive accolades in social media. He produced photographic publications on various mountain bike events. He is known for going to the extreme to get the best shot possible. He has been tasked with many photographic shoots for national and international sports stars. Over the many years of his photographic career, Fanus learnt that photography is a visual story of an event and understands how to capture the story for the subject in his photos.


Photography was one of Shari-Lee Thompson’s matric subjects. Her passion was evident and she excelled in the subject.

Thereafter, she studied photography at St. John’s College in Cork, Ireland for two years. She was able to articulate visually what she observed. Using photography as a medium, she expresses her emotion and shares the simple beauty she sees in life.


Lie-Ann studied Event Management, but never forgot about her true passion for photography and joined the Oakpics team soon after completing her studies.

Combining her passion for photography with her love for the outdoors and sport, she has excelled tremendously and become a valued member of the team.


Lara is new to the Oakpics team and she can make a mean cup of hot chocolate.

She happened to also study photography at City Varsity for two years. From there she worked in the film and still industry for five years. She is very passionate about studio and outdoor photography, combining this with her experience, fits in perfectly.




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